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5 best thing about living in the town of Oakville

Oakville is undeniably one of Ontario's most desired neighbourhoods to live in. Voted as the best place to live in Canada in 2018 by MoneySense, the small town doesn’t have a lot to be ashamed of. Located in the GTA, and with over 200 000 people living in the area, the town of Oakville is located between Toronto and Hamilton. Divided in multiple sought after neighbourhoods and sitting next to lake Ontario, there will definitely be something to accommodate your needs.

Downtown Oakville

1. Lakeside

Oakville offers privileged access to one of the world's largest lakes, through the shore of lake Ontario. The easternmost of the five great lakes of North America gives access to 19 000 square kilometers of surface area for boat enthusiasts. It is also connected to the Atlantic Ocean via the St-Lawrence river.

Lake Ontario also acts as a natural frontier between the United States and Canada and is home to one of the world’s most famous attractions, the Niagara Falls. The lakefront view allows for amazing scenery to satisfy your inner peace and seeing amazing sunrises and sunsets never gets old!

Sunset on lake Ontario

2. Safety

Oakville is a part of the Halton region which contains cities like Burlington and Milton. It is located between Hamilton and Mississauga. This municipality is home to more than 600 000 people and it was considered the safest Canadian city in 2021. The town of Oakville will give you peace of mind in all aspects, so that you feel comfortable in your new home.

Here are some stats presented by Statistics Canada. You can find the Oakville News article here.

  • The lowest Crime Severity Index (CSI) (23 years in a row);

  • The lowest Violent Crime Severity Index (23 years in a row);

  • The lowest Non-Violent Crime Severity Index (23 years in a row);

  • The lowest value WCR (7 years in a row);

  • The lowest value Violent WCR (3 years in a row);

  • The lowest value Non-violent WCR (7 years in a row).

Oakville neighbourhood

3. Accessibility

The town of Oakville is really well located in terms of accessibility. With a proximity to both Hamilton and Toronto, without being too far from Niagara Falls the town gives you a lot of flexibility. Whether you are working in the GTA or want to profit fully from retirements and everything the region has to offer. Buffalo and the United States are also very close so planning a weekend getaway has never been easier.

Oakville is also versatile in terms of the diversity of its neighbourhood. From the lakeside community of Bronte to the fine shops and restaurants of Central Oakville, there will surely be a place for you.

Oakville shore park

4. Culture & events/festivals

The town of Oakville is home to multiple cultural events, arts and festivals that will be suited for your taste. Whether you are looking to learn more about the heritage of the town at Oakville Museum or want to satisfy your sweet tooth at the Maple Syrup Festival. With numerous great community events year round, you will be able to immerse yourself in a range of activities and events.

Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts is a focal point of the cultural life in the region. The addition of art galleries & exhibits makes the town of Oakville a destination of choice for the culture enthusiasts. To learn more visit the Arts & Culture page on Visit Oakville.

Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts

5. Activities

The town of Oakville is packed with things to do and places to visit. With its amazing parks to immerse yourself in the outdoors and visit eye-catching scenery like Coronation Park that offers a privileged view from the shore of the beautiful lake Ontario. Golf lovers will also be pleased with the variety of courses available. As we talked earlier, the marina is the perfect place to hang your boat to be ready for the warm days of summer on the lake.

If you're more into staying indoors, shopping malls like Oakville place will have all the stores that you need or the special gift for a special someone. Oakville restaurants and coffee shops are also well represented in the town and offer a very diverse culinary experience. Finally, spas are the perfect place to relax after a long week or to get a massage to relieve all stress from moving into your new home.

Oakville golf course

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